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Training AEM / CQ5

In our basic and advanced training, participants will learn how to handle the basic and advanced features of AEM and how to handle issues in the group. Practical exercises are demonstrated directly in the system and can be followed in parallel by the participants.

Hands-on workshops give beginners and advanced learners the opportunity to gain in-depth insights into working with Adobe AEM / CQ5 content management software. On site, the one-day workshops not only provide basic knowledge and deepened specialist knowledge, but also answer questions about problems.

Learning goals

The participants familiarize themselves with the editorial system Adobe AEM / CQ5. You get to know the possibilities to create, modify and publish content.


  • Presentation of the editorial environment of AEM / CQ5 ("Author" & "Publish")
  • Editing and inserting (multimedia) content ("Contentfinder" & "Sidekick")
  • Page layout, use of templates, components, insertion of content (simple page templates, basic components such as text, image, teaser, FAQ and contact lists)
  • Linking pages & content
  • Publishing content
  • Protection and classification of content
  • Tips & Tricks for content-related work
Learning goals

The participants get to know additional functions of the editorial system AEM / CQ5. The focus is on workflows, user administration, handling of complex components, page templates and search result optimization.

  • Presentation of complex components (index and pool component, image map)
  • Presentation of complex templates (application template)
  • Authorization concepts and target groups
  • Presentation of news templates and suggestions
  • Workflows and notification services
  • Explanation of the tagging function
  • Creation of language copies
  • Multi Channel Publishing
  • Optimization of search results by maintenance of metadata